Promocional production
 Pens are a product that everyone is forever looking for. They are always helpful to have around, they are also provide you a good opportunity to give a great promotional product to your clients. If your company has a customs printed pen with your business information your branding will be reinforces use after use.
     You can give a quality custom printed promotional pen as a present or keep a boxful of low cost printed pens to lend to clients when they ask "have you a pen I can borrow " and regularly leave with it. This is great if they do take a pen with your business details printed on it, as your information is constantly in front of them each time they use that pen to write or take notes. It could end up anywhere!
      Promotional pens are the perfect way to create brand recognition for your company. With our massive range of promotional pens, any company can find the promotional pen that fits their corporate identity. Custom imprint your logo on plastic pen . Promotional advertising pens are just the items to spruce up your marketing campaign.    


 Promotionalized Keyrings(silkscreen printing)

    Promotional keyrings are a great way to keep your company logo on the mind of your customers everywhere they go. Irida offers a massive selection of promotional keyrings from engraved silver and stainless steel to keychian lights and multifunction keyrings to inexpensive budget plastic keyrings in dozens of shapes and styles. Impress your customers and employees with some of our custom imprinted keyrings and improve your next promotional campaign today!


Pens, lighters, Keyrings(silkscreen printing)

Color/Amount 100 200 300
One side 1 Color 7,00 12,00 16,00
2 Color 10,00 17,00 23,00
3 Color 13,00 22,00 30,00
Double side 1 Color 10,00 17,00 23,00
2 Color 13,00 23,00 30,00
3 Color 16,00 30,00 40,00
1. the price does not include cost of standart pens and lighters 0.50 cent
2. form preparation one color  5$
3. form preparation is free if amount of diplomas  is not less than 200
4. the price is calculated for whole amount


 Personalized Padfolios(silkscreen printing)

   Logo padfolios are fabulous office tools. What makes them even more fabulous is your company logo printed all over. Provide your employees with custom notebooks and the gift of organization when you order promotional padfolios from Show Your Logo. But don't stop there! Give custom printed padfolios at trade shows, fund raisers, or company events to promote your corporate identity in a practical yet stylish way.


 Personalized Padfolios(silkscreen printing)

Color/Amount 10 25 50 100 200
1 Color 1,50 1,00 0,80 0,60 0,50
2 Color 1,90 1,30 1,10 0,80 0,65
1. the price does not include cost of block notes
2. form preparation one color  5$
3. form preparation is free if amount of diplomas  is not less than 50
4. the price is calculated for concrete amount
 Personalization of ceramic glass (transfer printing)
     Printed mugs make a great giveaway, perfect for keeping your brand at the forefront of your customers' minds. We can supply a variety of colours and styles, all of which can be printed.
      Mugs can be made from a large variety of materials such as glass, stainless steel, plastic and porcelain. Hybrid coffee mugs are most often made from plastic. Stainless steel finds its way as an outer covering for protecting the plastic cup. They make excellent traveling cups.
      When you shop for a coffee mug or any other printed glassware lay emphasis on its strong construction. The conventional porcelain mugs are preferred for their ability to retain heat. They are, however, not found to be very durable and are highly prone to scratches and breakage.


 Personalization of ceramic glass (transfer printing)

Size/Amount 1 5 10 30 50
8*18sq. 12,00 11,50 11,00 10,00 9,00
The price include cost of glass, design and model preparation