Custom Made Rubber Stamps
 Rubber stamps for business are custom-made, showing an address, a corporate logo or something similar, or they are bought ready-made. They often have movable parts that allow the user to adjust the date or the wording of the stamp. They are still often used to date incoming mail, memos and similar items, as well as to denote special handling of the docume
 Surprisingly affordable, custom rubber stamps help you save time and eliminate costly written mistakes. Need your company logo on a stamp? That's easy. You can put it on almost any rubber stamp we sell.
     “irida” offers self-inking rubber stamps, pre-inked rubber stamps, and traditional address rubber stamps. For your added convenience, we now offer stock message stamps, date rubber stamps, and seal stamps too.
ery day. Many smaller businesses exist producing just a few daily.

Name of products cost
Standard stamp diameter 38-40 mm.  8,00
Standard stamp size 40*70 mm. 7,00
Stamp signature 6,50
Maket preparation for stamp 2,50
Selection of emblem, scanning amblem for stamp 7,00
Standard handy stamp (plastic) 2,00